Apr 15, 2013

The Metroidvania Indie Title, Chasm Gets a Kickstarter

A few weeks ago we showed you the fantastic procedurally-generated Metroidvania inspired game, Chasm. While it looks like the developers have a nice foothold on the projects development, the dark side of game development has begun to stand in the teams way, because unfortunately people need money to live.  It's always sad news to see a game that oozes with love potentially be thrown away without ever reaching it's full potentially. Thankfully, this is why crowd funding is now more popular than ever.

With 26 days to go the game has reached about a third of it's initial goal, but with your help we can fully fund this gem. What's even better is the Kickstarter has a downloadable Alpha of the game for you to enjoy and decide if the game is worth donating to. Don't worry, your wallet will be out of your pocket in no time.

Head over to Discord Games' Kickstarter page and get to downloading and donating.

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