Apr 6, 2013

MōVI : The Next Generation Of Camera Stabilization

Created by Vincent Laforet, MōVI is an interesting proof of concept showcasing the advances in camera stabilization using an evolved gyro-stabilized gimbal to provide some of the smoothest shots without any need for stabilization in post processing.

In leyman's terms, imagine a device that could pretty much eliminate any type of camera shake for professional cinematography by isolating the camera from the operator, and you'll get a good idea as to what the MōVI is about. Check out a demo of the concept behind this system and a behind the scenes of the short below. Whereas certain shots would be considered prohibitive to pull off, even with a full torso mounted steadicam rig, this product could potentially change the way that action sequences might be shot. There's never been any device capable of stabilizing cameras to this extent, until Laforte was inspired to evolve this medium. Amazing.

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