Apr 5, 2013

Boston Dynamic's PETMAN : Exterminating Humans Near You Soon

Boston Dynamics just released a new video showing off their incredible progress on their PETMAN initiative, supposedly created to test chemical protection clothing by simulating human range of motion to stress the materials worn. They're pretty nonchalant about their mission statement, somehow failing to mention the unsettlingly convincing humanoid robot walking and maintaining balance with little to no assistance (The cables are simply use as fall breakers and for live data extraction).

Did we mention that PETMAN also simulates human physiology by being able to sweat and gauge heat in this latest iteration, as well as chemical leaks in the suit? Uncanny. The above video shows off the last time PETMAN was displayed, in a video dating back to October 30, 2011. If you're familiar with the companies BigDog initiative, you might notice that this humanoid robot uses some of the same counterbalance technology to keep itself balanced, especially in the second video where it's specifically tested. These videos are best watched with the Terminator 2 soundtrack playing.

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