Apr 12, 2013

Castle of Illusion Remake Teased by Sega

What the hell is going on? Why was I not informed that major publishers were going to start re-releasing my childhood this summer? First we're getting Duck Tales, which is probably one of my first memorable gaming experiences and now Sega is teasing a Summer release for Castle of Illusion as well?

Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep in a pool of pure joy, I don't think I can handle so much wonderfulness in one Summer. I honestly want to know where this sudden emergence for remaking such incredible classics, it's almost as if publishers are starting to recognize that their original audience is still around. If the recent announcements are anything to base judgements off of, than I can safely say that next-gen is looking pretty damn bright. Keep them coming guys, if we can get a followup with World of Illusion I will literally cry, none of this figurative crap.

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