Apr 3, 2013

Battleblock Theater Releases Today

To be honest, each time I saw any news on Battleblock Theater I had a deep terrible feeling that the game was going to end up as vaporware. Originally announced as Game #3 back in 2009, the game looked great and future iterations were a damn blast. Each year during PAX Prime, I made certain to check out the games progress and give it some playtime. The game was a f*cking blast every single time and I'm happy to see it finally hit the digital shelves tomorrow.

If you have a bit of extra XBL points I highly suggest picking it up, I can safely say if you like platformers or party games you won't regret your purchase. The game ins incredibly engaging with how incredibly well it does platforming while pulling elements form other genres that still create a cohesive experience (basketball anyone?). The game is the perfect party game with enough content to keep you coming back for more (no one can deny that unlocking vanity items isn't addicting as hell). It's been a long time coming, but this game is definitely worth it.

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