Mar 12, 2013

Tom Whalen's Awesome Disney Posters

Mr. Whalen (Aka Strong Stuff) is one of the few artists currently residing in the Mondo illustrator stable, including heavyweights like Tyler Stout, Ken Taylor and Laurent Durieux. The limited edition screen prints by the company typically sell out in a matter of minutes upon release (I have yet to have any luck getting one), and most people typically have to resort to hitting eBay for a chance to get one at scalper prices.

Tom Whalen has been fortunate enough to embed himself in a niche comprised of specifically creating custom posters for the Disney/Mondo line, ranging from recent films like Wreck It Ralph to golden age classics like Steamboat Willie. His flat, graphic style and attention to typography and layout have made him a mainstay in the Mondo stable. Check out more of his awesome work after the break!

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