Mar 14, 2013

The Colorful Art Of NanokoStudio

Nanokostudio (Annabelle Kennedy) is one of the many young artists inspired by the wave of indie devs pushing amazing games with appealing art styles: The likes of Edmund McMillen (Binding Of Isaac), Jonathan Blow (Braid) and Phil Fish (Fez). It's been inspiring to see people empowered to bring their own worlds to life via their own projects. It's never been easier to find like minded individuals to work with on game projects.

Springboarding off of the colorful art styles of these games, Annabelle is currently at work on her own game project, simply dubbed 'TSH.' She's made some amazing progress over the last few years in terms of taking all of her inspirations and channeling them into something new, so we'd definitely recommend checking out more of her colorful creations after the break!

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