Mar 4, 2013

Hundred Waters' "Boreal" Music Video Is Full of WTFs

I'm always amazed by the never ending supply of music videos that push me into verbally exclaiming "what the f*ck", but it always happens. In an industry that's always pushing the boundary for what can be visually communicated alongside a musical track, I feel like it must be nearing it's climax, but it seems that the path is still having it's way paved by the likes of Hundred Waters. Generally, these type of things ease you into the "what the f*ck" but I was talking to my monitor within 20 seconds, an impressive feat for a 3 minute music video.

While the video definitely tends to tone it down a notch after the first scene, I was pleasantly surprised by the sounds of Hundred Waters. The sweet sounding vocals laid over the dream-like beat creates a relaxing tune that I plan to playing throughout the day tomorrow, and I would expect you to do the same. If you're in the need of a good WTF and a chill song, this music video is definitely for you.

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