Mar 4, 2013

The Races Of Project Copernicus By Gorrem

It's been nearly a year since 38 Studios went down in a controversial ball of flame, but the art for the Amalur MMO, codename Project Copernicus has continued to trickle out in a steady stream. Despite anyone involved with the project still being covered with a slew of NDA's (Non disclosure agreements), some artists still wanted to show off the years of work that would otherwise never see the light of day.

Gorrem (Devon Cady-Lee) is a veteran concept artist in the MMO and fantasy art field, having previously worked on Lord Of The Rings Online at Turbine studios and freelanced at Wizards Of the Coast. His till now unreleased marketing art pieces offer a look at the many colorful races of the world that has yet to see the light of day. Check out his take on eight of the races after the break, and be sure to also head over to the Copernicus concept art dump that we did a few months back over here.

Kollosae: A race of giants distantly related to the trolls, but have abandoned their savage origins and literally sculpted themselves into more perfect creatures.
Almain:  Valorous humans who embody the ideal of Order in all things.
DvergaSea-fairing dwarves, pirates and shrewd merchants.
Ljosalfar: A proud and insular people, the Ljosalfar strive to preserve nature and shape it to their will. 
 Gnomes: Safeguards of Amalur's secrets.
The Varani: A race of nomadic fisherman types, an enduring, hardy breed of human. They were a playable race in Reckoning.
Dokkalfar: Sophisticated aristocrats, diplomats, whisperers and seducers.
The Jottun: A colorful race of pillagers and nomads that are often disrespected and feared by the other races because of their brutal nature.

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