Mar 4, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Bombermine (The Unnofficial Bomberman MMO)

With video games, there isn't really a universal agreement that bigger is always better, but in the case of Bomberman it definitely is. After the sad dismantlement of Hudson Soft, I didn't think I'd ever see more of Bomberman, and while Bombermine might not be an official release it's a god damn blast. Using the classic top-down view, over 1000 players are given the ability to blow the sh*t out of each other at basically every given moment. It's a cluster f*ck, but it's a cluster f*ck that I can't help but love.

Yes, I admit, the game is incredibly difficult to play for more than 20 minutes at a time, but those 20 minutes are pretty freaking sweet. If you find even a small amount of free time in your busy day, I suggest you head on over to the website and check it out.  While you play, make sure to look out for the Awesome Robo tag on a character, one of us might be playing.

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