Feb 4, 2013

NECA's Team Fortress 2 Action Figures Review : Pyro And Demoman Are Awesome

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on some of NECA's series 1 Team Fortress 2 toys  and were pretty damn impressed by what we saw. The figures came in two limited edition waves of 10,000 each and were priced at a very reasonable $21.99 a pop: A Team RED edition and Team BLU variant version for the gender-ambiguous Pyro and the Scottish force of nature known as the Demoman.

In terms of the sculpt, the figures are absolutely perfect, delivering a perfect translation of the signature Team Fortress 2 style into an action figure format, all the way down to the tapered down designs (More on that later) and saturation gradient (From top to bottom) present in the in game models textures. Is it wrong to say that I haven't been this excited by action figures in years?
Pyro Loadout
On to the items. Both figures came with the default items that came with them during the launch of Team Fortress 2 back in the day. No axtinguisher for the Pyro, just a standard Fire Axe and Flamethrower.

Demoman Loadout
The Demoman came with a few more items, including his signature Whiskey Scrumpy bottle, Sticky Bomb Launcher and Grenade Launcher. Unlike the Pyro, the Demo was also fortunate enough to get an alternate hand for akimbo action or a bottle in one hand, gun in the other option.

In terms of any negative aspects regarding the figures, I'd say that they were rather difficult to pose, and a little stiff in terms of articulation. The Pyro especially suffered from a very limited range of motion on his elbows, making it rather awkward to equip the flamethrower or to pull off any extreme poses with the axe. Both figures also had the signature Team Fortress 2 tapered down feet, which presented some issues with planting them. Overall though, this aspect didn't detract too much from our enjoyment of the figures (Seeing that the latter option was not having them at all).

Collectors Cards
The figures also came with some collectible cards with unlock codes. Upon redeeming them in TF2 I received a Genuine Glengarry Bonnet for the Demoman and a Genuine Brigade Helm for the Pyro. It's not the most visually unique item I've ever seen, but since buying the items I've been offered 8-10 Mann Co. keys (Approx. $20-25 of in game items) per item from multiple players in game, which is not unexpected from the manically collection addicted TF2 community (Myself included).

In review, despite some minor articulation issues, these figures are absolutely fantastic, finally offering Team Fortress 2 fans a reasonably priced action figure. The art style lends itself so damn well to action figures that I'm truly excited to see how the more extreme characters (Silhouete wise) in the roster turn out for future series (Heavy and Spy come to mind). In conclusion, the folks at NECA have done an outstanding job with these figures, and we look forward to buying every single one to come. Definitely recommended for any toy lover out there, whether you're into TF2 or not.

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