Feb 7, 2013

Bill Presing's Pinup Art

Bill Presing is a former Pixar veteran, who spent a few years working as a storyboard artist on projects including The Venture Brothers, Ratatouille, Mr. Incredible and Pals (A short), UP and Cars 2.

On his free time though, Bill has kept himself busy with a slew of different side projects featuring tasteful, cute pinups in both digital and analog formats, while always maintaining a truly charming watercolor look. Considering his animation background, I'm not surprised that he definitely has an expert level control of his lines, resulting in images with some truly beautiful flow to them. Let's not forget his watercolor skills, a medium so damn tedious due to it's additive nature that one bad stroke can screw up your entire image.

What's not to love? Check out more of his awesome pinups after the break.

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