Jan 19, 2013

Urbance By Steambot Studios

Created by Steambot Studios, a mixed concept outsourcing studio/educational facility a la Massive Black or SixMoreVodka, Urbance is a stylish proof of concept that has been over three years in the making. From the mind of Joel Dos Reis Viegas (Known in concept circles as 'Feerik'), the project is a collaboration between a handful of artists and Busy P of Ed Banger records (Justice).

A synopsis:

'In the big city, gender war rises. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus. Ruled by hate and anger, boys and girls grow up apart from each other, forming rivals gangs.
Among these lost teenagers, Kenzell and Lesya will fight adversity and defy all the rules in order to live their love and restore peace. '

Despite it's rather odd premise of severely pent up, gender segregated gangs, the visuals and presentation are so damn well executed that I'd totally support a Kickstarter to get a few episodes made. The folks at Steambot haven't disclosed what their plans are with this IP just yet, so stay tuned for updates.

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