Jan 13, 2013

The Dead Space 3 Concept Art Dump

Dead Space 3 is coming. Will you be playing it? Following some rather controversial gaffes by EA regarding toning a series renown for it's stressful, pant-sh**ting moments down into more 'broad appeal' shooter, I think I might hold on to my memories of experiencing the first game alone in a dark room.

That aside, doesn't mean that the concept art team isn't busting their butts to create some true necro-horrors and settings worthy of the Dead Space franchise despite the new direction. We've sent our little robo minions to collect every single piece of concept art trickled out on the internet so far, including a bonus batch of rarely seen images from one of the unsung heroes who visually helped lay the groundwork for the entire franchise, Jason Courtney. Check it all out after the break, and then some!

Now as for Jason Courtney, he's a truly humble Oakland based artist who has wandered around the videogame industry leaving his mark. He's never quite stuck around at any particular company, simply contributing to various projects before heading on to the next adventure. His clients have included Electronic Arts, Namco, Factor 5, Naked Sky, Secret Level, Blackpoint Studios, Lightsource Studios, and PDI/Dreamworks. He's currently at the San Francisco based Kabam!, trying his hand at social gaming.

In terms of his contributions to Deadspace, he absolutely killed it in the early stages of development, truly setting the tone for what the game would eventually become with his environmental skills. He came, he conquered, and he moved on, not seeking the glory of sticking around till launch. A concept nomad from start to finish, you can check out just a small selection of his incredible contributions below.

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