Jan 30, 2013

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape 2.0! Shiba Inu Fashion Week

True science.
Welcome to the overhauled Cute Mixtape! Eye searing new sugar barf banner and all! As part of our 2013 initiative to take our content to the next rainbow level, we'll be whipping our cute lists into shape!

Inspired by the brand-spanking fresh new site, Menswear Dog, I've decided it's time to class this place up a bit.  And nothing, I say nothing, says class like a dapper dog.  I'm doing what most fashion bloggers (yeah, that's me, wanna fight about it?) do by showcasing my own selection of the fabulous Shiba Inu alongside some of MWD's more seasoned models.  This ain't your average Sears catalogue (dear Lord, do those still exist?). On to the models after the break!
Professor Broccoli. Tweed, wool, flannel: Irresistible. (Via)

Shiba Inu as an accessory, accessorized.. (Via)
Ruggedly handsome. (Via)
The scarf knot is absolutely in this Spring. (Via)
Dad chic. (Via)

Caught this fella out and about truly rocking his look. A+ for confidence. (Via)

To wrap things up for this week, we've got our Japanese Shiba Inu models, Crystal and Strawberry making a statement with their French maid bandanas. True trendsetters.

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