Jan 16, 2013


Noon presents us with a world frozen in a state of permanent geographical darkness and light, the result of a man-made catastrophe destroying the concept of day-night cycles. This amazingly executed proof of concept short was created by concept artist turned art director Kasra Farahani, who offers us a fantastic little taste of what might someday be a refreshing full length feature.

Whereas quite a few proof of concept trailers we've seen choose to paint in broad strokes, Farahani chose to execute a specific scene from the screenplay encapsulating all the elements of this ravaged world. These elements range from small visual tastes of the setting to an exploration of the moral ambiguity of the protagonist, conflicted about his role as a 'Coyote,' a smuggler specializing in people.

The setting and complexity that Farahani managed to imbue into a 15 minute preview left me wanting more, especially with the short ending on a massive shot of NOON, the now permanently sunny North Pole colony protected by the power of shade. From an art perspective, I found it refreshing to be given a taste of a more grounded version of sci-fi in the not too distant futures, while movie trailers as of late present us with technology akin to that you'd find at a futuristic version of an Apple store, clean and sterile (Oblivion comes to mind).

On a final note, shorts like these are fueled by the power of public interest, so we'd like to encourage you to share Noon if you're interested in accelerating the possibilities of Kasra's vision coming to fruition. Check out some concept art created for the movie after the break.


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