Jan 27, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Shugo Tokumaru, Digitalism, Danny Byrd, Clubfeet,

Too many good music videos to count in the last few days, so it's time for another volume of music video roundup! The latest batch of videos hail from just about every corner of the globe, offering a truly eclectic mix of sounds and imagery. In order:
  • Shugo Tokumaru - 'Katachi' is a playful track by the Japanese singer-songwriter, who made a splash with his latest In Focus album (Released in the US by Polyvinyl). The playful, lighthearted sound is accompanied by an insane stop motion music video, created with thousands of cutouts that the animators described as an 'everlasting chain of memories.'
  • Digitalism - 'A New Drug' is an eye searing new music video from the German electro house duo designed to violate your retinas with it's epileptic imagery. Your visual cortex will be overloaded if you're not careful, although it's one of my favorite Digitalism tracks to date.
  • Danny Byrd - 'Grit (Feat. Roni Size)' is a breakbeat track that takes a turn for the bizarre when an appointment with a music producer turns into a full on puppet clusterf***, starring everyone from Yoda to Kermit from the Muppets jamming out to the track.
  • Clubfeet - 'Everything You Wanted' is the new music video from the Australian group, released around the same time as their new album: Heirs and Graces, which is still pending an international release. I can't even fathom how they planned this music video out, but it's a visual treat nonetheless.  

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