Jan 23, 2013

"Mad Max 4 - Fury Road" Production Footage Looks Promising

Did you know a Mad Max sequel was in the works? Dubbed as 'Mad Max: Fury Road' The fourth installment of the post apocalyptic franchise wrapped filming in mid December, and the slow trickle of production shots and concept art has started to trickle out to the public. This latest video features some on set footage from the shooting location of Namibia, showcasing a handful of deadly vehicles strutting their stuff.

Starring Tom Hardy (Bane) in the role of Mad Max, the new installment will take place 29 years after the latest installment, 1985's 'Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.' A few encouraging things to keep in mind for the 2014 flick:

  • George Miller, the original director for the trilogy reprised his role as director for the fourth movie. 
  • A sequel to Fury Road is already planned, 'Mad Max: Furiosa.' 
  • Based off of what we've heard from interviews, there's a definite emphasis on not opting for a CG heavy approach for the new flick. 
  • Mel Gibson will be making a cameo as a character called 'Drifter.'
Poster By Tyler Stout

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