Jan 25, 2013

Les Gobelins FX Animations

Created by a few teams of students over at the famous Les Gobelins animation school in France, these bite sized films are vessels for FX animation exercises. FX animation entails the work that goes into bringing things like smoke, explosions and other ambient effects to life.

Light on plot but heavy on atmosphere, these team exercises are but a stepping stone towards their final animated projects, which we look forward to seeing in a few years time.

Teams and titles:

  • Shoot Out: Batiste Peron, Marlène Beaube, Eve Ceccarelli, Clément Doranlo and Maud Girard.
  • Opium: Marion Bulot, Elsa Boyer, Rayane Radji, Guitty Mojabi and Raphaelle Stolz.
  • Loosaur: Deborah Cruchon, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jung-boix, Nadya Mira and Laurent Moing.

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