Jan 22, 2013

Amazing Fan Made Zone Of The Enders Anubis Mech

Zbrush Central user Ioannis_Kths just uploaded an absolutely stunning rendition of Konami's fantastic Zone Of The Enders : 2nd Runner Anubis mech, choosing to redesign the iconic Yoji Shinkawa robot with a grittier look. The amount of work that went into this redesign is absolutely insane, showcasing a true talent for hard surface (Inorganic) modeling using Autodesk's Zbrush 3D sculpting suite.

Check out a turn table and a dozen close ups of just some of the insane levels of detail that went into creating this labor of love. Pieces created at this level of fidelity typically end up scoring the creator jobs as cinematic modelers at some of the best companies around. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy ends up getting some offers from Blizzard, Blur or WETA pretty soon.

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