Nov 1, 2012

Urs Fischer's Decay

That sampling was from Urs Fischer, who caught me off guard with his unsettling installations centered around beauty, creation and decay. The Zurich born artist has become well known for creating pieces that are organic and ever changing via his application of factors that alter the materials he works in. From wax sculptures that transform over the course of a few days with the application of wickers and fire (Like the 'Untitled' piece above) to sculptures made out of bread, fruit, wax, styrofoam, clay, paint, sawdust and a mind boggling other array of materials, his pieces reflect the ever changing, chaotic nature of the world.

I really loved his unique take on his art and the message, and invite you guys to check out more of his massive gallery over on his official website. This man definitely struck an interesting chord with me.

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