Oct 8, 2012

The Art Of Torei

Torei (Aka Ray Toh) is a Singapore based freelancer who I've been following on and off for a few years now. If there's anything I could say about the man, it's that he keeps himself damn busy, cranking out a few dozen pieces every few weeks. If you're familiar with the work of industry legend Craig Mullins, you might notice some similarities here with his painterly, sketchy style that's heavy on implied detail.

Following him for the last 2-3 years has been pretty inspiring, as Ray Toh's work has improved dramatically with the amount of work that he's dedicated to experimenting and practicing. Aside from Paul Richards of Autodestruct, I can easily say that he's one of the most prolific artists out there as of now. Check out more of his scifi flavored work after the break, and I look forward to seeing him improve even further!

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