Oct 10, 2012

The Art Of Eric Fortune

Eric Fortune's work lies heavily within the realm of surrealism, with his work evoking memories of becoming aware in a hazy dream, or that feeling of letting your mind wander till everything around you drones out. His beautiful paintings always feature characters that never quite look like they belong there, stuck in a strange state of limbo, with at times introspective, at times curious expressions that definitely leave an impression. You kind of end up pondering what these subjects are thinking or experiencing in the confines of the canvases they inhabit.

Eric is an emerging artist based out of Columbus, Ohio and has seen a massive amount of acclaim directed his way over the last few years. And he works in watercolor, which in my opinion is one of the most punishing mediums I've tried to learn over the years (Respect). Check out more of his illustration work after the break!

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