Oct 9, 2012

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

We've been running around like we're on fire here at Awesome-Robo HQ. As we've mentioned in past podcasts, we'll have our very first comic booth here in Austin, TX October 26-28. Getting everything situated for that (as well as the pre-requisite mini freakouts as first-timers, of course) means that a good mental break is in order. The tried-and-true way is the fluffy and adorable way. Cute Mixtape, ahoy!

More after the break!
"I adore you, baby duck." (Via)

Indecisive. (Via)
"Don't... Look...Away...." (Via)
"I just look so stupid." (Via)
Canine inspired seat restraints. (Via)

We've stumbled upon the Council's joint bath-nap session.

I was expecting a Sylvester/Tweety situation.

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