Oct 5, 2012

Farbenfre & The Fan-Art Of Doctor Who Season 7

“I am not a Dalek. I am human.”(Via)
If you've been following the site for a long time you'll know one fact: I'm a tad obsessed with Doctor Who. Being British, I've been watching the show since the moment I came out of the womb. The newest season of the rebooted Doctor Who, Season 7 (or Season 34 overall) is a great starting off point for new fans, even with the emotional goodbye to the long-time companions Amy & Rory you won't feel lost or confused. It was a high quality season with plenty of twists, turns and entertaining one liners. Yet as you imagine, the dedicated Dr Who fanbase can always be relied on to deliver awesome fanart. I recently discovered Deviantart user Farbenfrei, otherwise known as Jessi.

Jessi has decided to do a impression drawing in sketchbook after every new episode of Doctor Who and the results were pretty damn awesome. I discovered her page whilst searching for something else Dr Who related, a happy accident. The watercolour for the first episode of this season, Asylum of the Daleks, rivals some of the official art I've seen conveying the emotional twist that was portrayed at the end of the episode (you've had over a month to watch the episode, so no spoilers excuses!). Check out the others after the jump and make sure to check out Jessi's Deviantart page for some amazing drawings of Sherlock, Howls Moving Castle and much more.

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