Sep 24, 2012

Tron: Uprising Concept Art Is Just As Amazing As The Show

Honestly? Tron: Uprising is the greatest show you aren't watching. Currently airing on Disney XD (or through iTunes downloads like me) the show takes the visuals and music from Tron: Legacy, the 2010 sequel to the cult classic Tron, and gaps the bridge between the two. It's a half hour per week revolving around Tron with the music of Daft Punk, and it's pretty breathtakingly good. We've posted trailers and hyped up the project, but it's not doing well in the viewing figures which is a shame, so I thought I would remind people this program exists and needs to be viewed, especially by the Tron Legacy fans who have no clue it's airing.

Concept artist Darren Bacon has released concepts and background paintings he created for Tron: Uprising and it gives you a glimpse of the world that you are missing, and it's pretty breathtaking as art to look at. Take a glimpse after the break!

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