Sep 6, 2012

Singapore's Luxury Vehicle Elevators

If you happen to have anywhere between 9-20 million dollars and live in Singapore, you should check out this fantastic little feature for the Hamilton Parks luxury residence, a 30 floor skyscraper situated in the cities swank Orchard Road. If there's something to be said about certain cars, they are works of art that typically spend their lives in solitude instead of being admired.

The building solves this problem by turning your living room into a garage, thanks to the designers coming up with a specialized vehicle elevator equipped with a treadmill and rotating floors to move the vehicle into place. The system utilizes a highly encrypted biometric (Fingerprint scan) system to ensure the owner receives the correct car, with the only caveat coming in the form of there being only one elevator for residents. I guess getting to work late isn't typically a problem for people with that type of money, lets just hope they have as much patience to spare.

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