Sep 6, 2012

Steam Greenlight And Megabyte Punch

As part of the Steam Greenlight initiative, a newly launched initiative by Valve to give the community a voice in regards to which titles to publish. In the past, the company relied on a small internal 'Greenlight' team to make the tough decisions, but due to experiences with the team getting tied up on decisions in the past they chose to roll the feature out to yet another party.

Similar in spirit to the way that games like Team Fortress and Dota 2 allow people to vote on UGC (User generated content and items), the system allows users to vote and interact with the developers of titles. Greenlight has yet to accept any titles just yet, but I look forward to the floodgates being opened relatively soon. We'll be adding a new column to feature our Steam Greenlight indie pick of the week from now on, with this week's winner coming in the form of Megabyte Punch, a colorful brawler/platformer with chunky, colorful graphics and gameplay in the style of Super Smash Brothers. If you've got a Steam account, head on over and give the gift of vote!

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