Sep 27, 2012

Ex-Rare Employees Need YOU for a possible Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor

It's time to face the music guys; Banjo-Kazooie is probably never going to come back, and even if Rare and Microsoft somehow managed to resurrect it's mangled corpse after (the abomination that was) Nuts & Bolt, it still wouldn't be the same. That being said, there's always room for something new, something shiny, and most importantly, something made by the ex-members of Rare. That something that may be closer than one would ever expect.

Earlier this month an ex-Rare employee(@MingyJongo) created a Twitter stating "Let's make the spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie! Core members of the original team are ready to go. All we need is your support. So join us today!" if that doesn't make you tingle a little bit on the inside, I don't know what will. 3D platformers are definitely something I've missed this entire generation (Rayman Origins aside), and the possibility of bringing it back by some of the greatest minds in gaming really tickles my insides.

The small team has already been joined by artist Steven Hurst and the amazing composer Grant Kirkhope. With more support one can only assume others will jump on board. This is where we come in; by simply following @MingyJongo on Twitter you are voicing your opinion that we want this game. The more people who follow, the more likely the game will be made, so get to it, because god dammit I want this f*cking game. . .Now.

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