Sep 26, 2012

Batman: The Tailor Is One Amazing Fan Comic

Batman has many enemies. In fact it's almost like an unwritten law that in order to fight the Dark Knight you need a costume so elaborate no ordinary person could create it (which is a point the fandom will often bring up). I love comic books and when fans take it onto themselves to explore unanswered questions in a unique way, and I believe this is just that. 

TerminAitor is a Spanish Deviantart user who has created this one interesting look at the most overlooked and yet least considered part of any superhero universe: How do the villains get such fantastic costumes? I honestly doubt all of them are master tailors, so who do they go to? You need to check out this amazingly written, well drawn four page comic because his style is unique, charming and has something a lot of modern comics are missing: Character. Check it out after the break!

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