Sep 18, 2012

Dead Island Riptide Trailer: Fool Me Once

We loved the original Dead Island trailer. We loved it so much we ignored the fact it had no gameplay footage and went on every hope and whim we had. We hoped that the game would actually live up to one of the most talked about video game trailers in past years. That was the Awesome-Robo crew of 2011. The Awesome-Robo crew of 2012 watches the trailer for the spin-off of the franchise, Dead Island: Riptide and sighs in relief. We licks the wounds for one of the most underwealming releases of last year.

Honestly? The fact that they tried to copy everything about the original trailer to get people talking about the sequel is not surprising. But it just doesn't work as we've all played the original and it was nothing like the original trailer. The game was broken and had some fun moments but would have faded into the video game crowd of games otherwise forgotten. The spark that the original trailer had isn't present and it feels like we've become more aware of the pre-rendered trailer trick thanks to the original Dead Island. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool us twice and shame on you.

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