May 18, 2012

Sharp's NERV edition Phone is Every Evangelion Fan's Wet Dream

I'll basically lose my sh*t over anything Neon Genesis Evangelion related, but this is an entirely new level of sh*t losing. Earlier last month, Sharp announced their limited edition NERV branded Android phone. While I was excited, there wasn't a whole lot to show other than one or two pictures, but it looks like some lucky folks got their hands on the device to give us a closer look. "HOLY F*CK" were the first two words that released from my mouth upon seeing the newest footage, because god damn, that is one sexy phone. Sure, it's not running Ice Cream Sandwhich like most of the current releases, but I couldn't care less because it's f*cking Evangelion.

While I know I'll probably never get the chance to get my hands on the device, it's nice to know something this damn cool can exist. I'll continue crossing my fingers that we get some form of this phone stateside (or at least a relatively inexpensive way to import).

Hit the jump for a closer look at the phone's specs and a hands-on video for the device!

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