May 31, 2012

Kapow! 2012: Lucha Britannia!

One of the most interesting aspects of Kapow! comic-con this year was the intergration of a wrestling ring on the main floor. Though we saw no giant battles between Bane & Batman, we were offered something oddly unique that most Comic-Book fans could really appreciate.

The group who used the ring were called Lucha Britannia. The London-based Mexican wrestling promotion team would put on a show at every hour and drew large crowds. Like the "Lucha Libre" wrestling style? Like wrestling bouts with a submersive and interactive environment? The wrestling match involved the typical over the top signature tagteam wrestling moves, and they took advantage of every inch of space inside and outside the ring to slam each other into. Audience participation was pretty popular. The show was entertaining for me enough to do some research into the group, and I've certainly got my eye on future performances.

The group perform in London, and have regular monthly shows called "The Lucha Underground from the Resistance Gallery" in London's East End. Check out for dates over at the the official site! For everyone else I took a selection of photos of a few matches at the convention, and they can be viewed after the jump. ¡muchas gracias!

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