May 21, 2012

Graffiti 6: Stare Into The Sun...And Illuminati

Three years after the British indie-pop duo known as Graffiti 6 hit it big with their groovy 'Stare Into The Sun' track, an official music video has finally materialized. Full of psychedelic visuals and symbolism, its a colorful music video which truly suits the upbeat track well.

However, the music video has drawn a hilarious amount of conspiracy theorists to it due to its supposed illuminati imagery and references. If you're looking for a laugh, the comments section is filled with gems like this:

'Illuminati symbolism is everywhere and nothing is sacred to these "elites" and the artists are certainly not to blame due to their lack of a spine. Selling your soul to the devil sounds good to anyone at any given time and most can do it without ever being the wiser. These are what we like to call 'Sheeple.'

So alright Sheeple, enjoy the music video!

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