Apr 2, 2012

The Art Of Sam Weber

The Crow Procedure (Via)
Sam Weber is a Brooklyn based artist who has been making waves over the last few years with his excellent mixed media approach to illustration. Incorporating the old with the new, Sam typically starts off his paintings with a mix of watercolor and acrylics before finishing doing a digital treatment. What I love about this approach is that it gives his work a truly natural, textural quality typically missing from digital art, mixed with smoky, at times unsettling compositions. After studying Sam Weber's work, I kind of realized that he's inspired quite a few other artists with his groundbreaking process, which brings to mind artists like Jeff Simpson.

The caliber of Sam's work has brought him a great deal of amazing projects, not limited to illustrating the covers and inside illustrations of various literary classics from the last few decades. Among some of the projects he's been involved in: Lord Of The Flies, Fahrenheit 451 and Ender's Game. I think any artist who looks at his approach of bringing the best of both worlds (Analog and digital) would agree that he's created something truly unique, and striking. Check out more of Sam's beautiful work after the break!

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