Jul 6, 2014

The Fantastic Scifi Worlds Of Arthur Haas

Arthur Haas started off his art career 19 years ago, originally pursuing a career as a photographer at the Art Academy of Hague before switching to painting to properly capture the imagery floating around in his head. As any artists starting off, he faced the same frustration that many up and coming artists stumble into- Being unable to translate ones vision onto a canvas due to lack of technical skill. However persistence and practice over the years paid off, and now Haas has a gallery of some truly amazing scifi work.

Focusing mainly on environmental pieces, Arthur's pieces capture expeditions to fantastic, alien worlds rich with unfamiliar imagery and shape language. While his ship designs remind me of Sparth's work, the general vibe in his pieces is generally retro, beckoning back to the amazing retro scifi illustrations by Roger Dean (Of Psygnosis fame).

Haas' work is regularly exhibited in his hometown of Amsterdam, and he regularly creates covers for scifi books and pitch work for various indie films. Check out more of his awesome scifi pieces after the break.

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