Jul 7, 2014

"Master Jiang And the Six Kingdoms" - An Awesome Looking Animated Feature From China

One thing to note before even clicking play on this impressive animated trailer - The animation for this short was created in it's entirety by two former Studio Vasoon animators, Pei Wei and Li Fei. We recently featured some of the work they did on another upcoming Chinese feature called God Hunters (Seriously, check it out), which left quite an impression on us as well.

This new production by the relatively unknown Anima CUC entity looks like an absolutely fantastic, epic affair starring many diverse kingdoms, and it actually reminded us a little of the likes of a more feature length Korra and The Last Airbender with some of the elemental themes and stylization present throughout.

After a little research on the Chinese IMDB equivalent (Called Mtime), the plot seems to revolve around the awakening of an ancient evil put to sleep during an era of darkness. The awakening of this evil will ultimately unite kingdoms from around the world, as well as an unlikely hero called the 'Fishing rod child,' who will rise to the occasion to counter this threat. The movie is slated for a 2016 release, and based off the presence of early subtitles I'm hoping this will also be intended for an international release.

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