Jul 11, 2014

Lazerhawk - "Children Of The Night" Is A Music Video With A Curious Backstory

Something kind of strange happened a few months back (Februrary), we posted this same music video by Alexandre Louvenaz for Gesaffelstein's excellent Obsession track, only to see it pulled a few hours later. It was an amazing music video, and fit the oppressive tone perfectly while narrating a downward spiral into depravity contained inside an unassuming house in the wilderness. I spent weeks looking for any track of the new music video, which had simply vanished into thin air, until now.

The edited music video just resurfaced today with a new artist attached to it, Austin's retro synth prodigy Lazerhawk- who contributed a more upbeat horror track to Andrew's visuals. Children of the Night channels a lot of 80's era VHS horror schlock, although after seeing the original pairing I still feel that Gesaffelstein's track was a better fit overall for the visual narrative. Nonetheless, nice to see Lazerhawk get some legit music video love.

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