Jul 3, 2014

"Brutus The Bound - The Infinite Gladiator" - An Upcoming, Blood Soaked Animated Series

Brutus The Bound is another short from Exit 73 Studio, the same folks who brought us the amazing, retro animated rampage short Coin last year. With a narrative and stylistic premise similar to Samurai Jack with the time traveling warrior premise, Brutus is one over the top, violent bastard.

While Studio 73 didn't specifically mention what this was for other than a 'Winter 2014' note at the end, it sure feels like a pitch animation for an animated series we'd find on a channel like Adult Swim. Either that or a promo for the IP development services that the New York based studio is capable of. Either way I enjoyed loved it from start to finish, including the amazing ending credits.

Brutus, a great warrior from a distant planet, is ripped from his past and taken to the future of an evil Overlord. The Overlord holds Brutus' family hostage, and binds Brutus in a temporal harness, forcing him to become an Infinite Gladiator, fighting opponents throughout time and space.

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