Jun 19, 2014

"Vento" - A Vintage Animated Book Project

Resurrecting an old fashioned technique called 'ombro cinema' (Shadowgraphy), Virgilio Villoresi and Virginia Mori crafted a really amazing little book called Vento for Withstand, with a truly unorthodox device for driving the narrative. The old-fashioned technique uses a piece of acetate moved back and forth on an image to create the illusion of movement- magically bringing a static image to life.

Vento is the outcome of a dialogue between both artists’ imaginations. This project is the first of a series of animated, interactive books whose pages will unfold through time, giving the reader the possibility to construct and deconstruct the plot. As each image unveils its own story, the reader is free to imagine what connections may or may not exist between them.

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