Jun 26, 2014

The Awesomely Stylized Art Of Mike Bear

Ever see an artist do a complete 180 on their style and really hit a solid stride? I kind of get the feeling that's the case with Mike Bear, a concept artist and illustrator that I've followed for a few years now. Sometime around the middle of 2013 there was a major shift in his work, which went through a period of feeling like it was experimenting with a more common realistic style.

I still remember the day he submitted Ancient Ravenskye (Above) last July, an environmental piece which really blew me away with it's amazing usage of color. Since then it's been a stylized path throughout, and he's been absolutely killing it. Mike has worked with clients include Rockstar Games, Popcap, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, One Pixel Brush, Big Red Button Games, and Lolapps. Check out more of his work after the break!

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