Jun 13, 2014

The Art Of Ranbararu

Ranbararu is a Japanese concept artist and illustrator hailing from the Chiba prefecture, and his work brings back memories of what I like to call the 'Good ole days' of Capcom. The days in which Street Fighter 3 - Third Strike was the hottest thing around and Capcom didn't shun some of their more creative and niche franchises like Breath Of Fire, Megaman and Rival Schools. The concept art coming out of the studio back in Capcom's heyday was really loose but always cool.

Ranbararu channels that vibe, with plenty of artwork that emulates that retro Capcom look and level of stylization that the studio had at it's prime. Speaking of which, Udon is planning to release the Art of Capcom: Complete Edition book which will contain art from that era I'm referencing (Late 90's, Early 2000's), so I'd recommend picking that up when it's released on July 23. More of Ranbararu's work after the break!

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