Jun 21, 2014

"Satoshi Kon" - An Animated Tribute

We lost visionary anime director Satoshi Kon just under 4 years ago after a brief battle with a deadly illness. Over the years his mind brought us some wildly imaginative features and shows, including the likes of  Perfect Blue, Millenium Characters, Tokyo Grandfathers, Paprika and Paranoia Agent. All which I remember fondly. Kon had a knack for creating compelling female characters in his work, always focusing on typically unexplored aspects of social stigmas and the human psyche.

At the time of his death he had just begun work on his next feature, Dreaming Machine- an as of yet incomplete feature that's currently residing at studio Madhouse..Founder Masao Murayama recently claimed, we still don't have enough money. My personal goal is to get it within five years after his passing. I'm still working hard towards that goal. As of 2013 only 600 of the 1500 shots required have been completed, so I'm hoping that this project will pop up on a crowdfunding site sometime soon.

Vimeo user HelloWizard put together a fitting tribute to Kon's animated work, covering a directorial career that took off in 1997 with the fantastic psychological thriller, Perfect Blue. Set to the creative opening track of Paprika, which was composed by long time Kon collaborator Susumu Hirasawa.

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