Jun 28, 2014

Luke Parker's Cyborg Ninja Covers Are Amazing

Luke Parker is a UK-based comic artist whose pulp comic-infused illustrations proudly take after the dark angular aesthetic of Mike Mignola. He's also an avid Metal Gear fan, having completed a series of comic covers dedicated to Gray Fox, Olga Gurlukovich, and the ever-evolving Raiden.

The attention to detail and visual callbacks are proof of not only a love for the history of the franchise but the cultural maturation of comics as an artistic medium. The yellow frayed edging, the layers of wear-and-tear scratching, the "Luke Paker" comic code stamp. Not to mention the hilarious Metal Gear quotes embossed on the cover. There's a lot to love about this series. Poster-size prints are available through GameTee. Check out the rest of the series, including some sick-looking variants, below the break!

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