Jun 25, 2014

"Home" - An Unsettling Scifi Short

Hugo Moreno's Home is not a long feature, but within a timespan of less than a minute it manages to generate an incredible amount of suspense, and in a style reminiscent of Kubrick's greatest work. Those establishing one point perspective shots that he employs throughout Home do a fantastic job of delivering an unsettling effect, with everything dead set in the center. If you've had a chance to study cinematography enough, you'll realize that the effect employed by Moreno here is a fantastic counter to the prevalent 'rule of thirds' philosophy.

That sense of dread also creates an interesting time distortion effect, making it feel like this short is much longer than it's actual running time, and it left us wanting more. So much is left to the imagination here, and I just want to savor more of this unnatural event unfolding before our eyes. Moreno's amazing retro aesthetic has been in place since his student years at Les Gobelins, so be sure to check out his Kubrick/Moebius inspired scifi short Eclipse and suspenseful encounter animation, Canyon.

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