Jun 14, 2014

"Escudo" Painting Timelapse By Joao Ruas

One of my favorite artists I've had the chance to run into since starting AwesomeRobo, the Sao Paolo based Joao Ruas (Who also goes by monickers like 'Souvlaki Space Station' and 'Feral Kid') seems to finally be branching off into gallery work. Sponsored by Urban Nation Berlin and Thinkspace gallery- Escudo is a timelapse painting that also offered some surprising insight into Joao's process.

Mainly it comes down to scale- From what we understood Joao tended to work with a traditional lineart foundation with a digital pass on top, but this piece features a massive lineart piece executed with Joao's signature color palette on top, with acrylics from the looks of it. The end result has a similar vibe to his Fables covers, and is incredibly fascinating to watch from start to finish.

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