Jun 19, 2014

"Edge Of Tomorrow" - Behind The Scenes Reel (Potential Spoilers)

It's a pretty rare treat to get unedited broll behind the scenes footage for movies, especially recent ones- but the folks at Screen Slam managed to get their mitts on just that. No highly produced quick cuts with dramatic music, no interviews, just some raw scenes shot at a whim during filming.

Ever wonder how they got those bulky exosuits to run fluidly? Just how much greenscreen they used on that battlefield? What type of attachment do they put on prop guns to simulate muzzle flash for post? Tom Cruise asking candid questions about his motivations to director Doug Liman? Plenty of juicy little tidbits from production present here. Also, if you haven't checked it out already be sure to check out the awesome Edge Of Tomorrow concept art post featuring the work of Kev Jenkins and Tim Browning.

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