May 20, 2014

The Art Of Zoonoid Redux

I just love Zoonoid's work. A relatively low profile artist hailing from Russia, Konstantin Maystrenko has been on a freelance path for close to 3 years following a stint at the countries Blizzard equivalent, Nival Online. And he's taking advantage of all that free time by pumping out amazing work and improving piece by piece, no question about it. After all this time of curating art posts on AwesomeRobo I'm genuinely curious about the Russian art education system and the colleges concept artists attend to get into the career path, because the artists there truly have a little something 'extra' from the get go.

I attribute it to a heavy fine art focus before even touching the stylus, because the design decisions and color understanding (He's up there with Zedig) present in someone like Zoonoid's character designs are just stellar. Mix that fine art aesthetic with the tastes of a modern concept artist, and you get one heck of a great combination.

Konstantin has been on a character concept artists path, and hasn't strayed from that path since he began. While most of his initial designs when he started posting online were really cool scifi/anthropomorphic blends, he's been venturing off in different directions as of late with excellent results. Bizarre alien entities packing heat, sentient and ornate golems, flora gone amok and mercenaries with a soft side, his designs show a great level of creativity with some excellent, tight technical execution. Check out more of his awesome character designs after the break.

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