May 31, 2014

The Art Of Ricochet188 - Birth Of A World

One of the coolest things to stumble into in a growing artists gallery is the beginning of a core idea or narrative development driving illustrations. Catching these types of developments early on give us the joy of following an artist as he builds a world, which could at a later point become part of something much bigger. Ricochet188 is one of these artists currently embarking on that journey, with a series of illustrations following an ancient machine waking up for a dormant slumber and embarking on a journey in a dystopian future.

While the narrative is still in flux, with bits and pieces of narrative coming in here and there, pieces being reworked over and over again, the recurrence of certain characters solidifies the fact that certain ideas have taken hold. From what I've understood along the way this mysterious entity, comprised of a strange oily substance encounters a dying female cyborg whom ultimately joins him as part of his journey to discover what happened to the human race that crafted them.

The Turkish illustrator is onto something here, and I'd recommend heading over to his Deviantart page to read up on all his notes and bits of lore regarding this illustration series to get some insight into his thought process. Who knows, if he keeps going this could be the premise of a scifi feature in a matter of years or decades. I kind of wish more artists would take the initiative of trying to create their own worlds, although I do acknowledge that the fear of being derivative and the process of formulating a world is no overnight process. Check out more of Ricochet188's original, and as of  yet unnamed scifi project after the break.

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