May 24, 2014

"Chinti" - An Animated Short Made Entirely Out Of...Tea?

We've seen creative applications of materials for stop motion shorts in our time, but Chinti is entirely on another level with it's creative usage of tea leaves as it's primary medium. The stop motion short was created by Natalia Mirzoyan, and narrates the story of a weakling ant who finds true inspiration from a random scrap of paper that happens to fly it's way with an image of the Taj Mahal on it.

Conflicted between it's duty to it's colony and it's dreams of heading somewhere new, the ant eventually chooses to lives a life of struggle, hoping to find a way to bring this dream land to life. Unbeknownst to him, the and doesn't realize that his dream land might be closer than he originally thought.

I honestly have no idea how Natalia pulled this off with the medium she chose, but Chinti turned out absolutely beautiful, garnering selections and wins at over 50 international animation festivals. The narrative itself was also really nicely paced, efficiently narrating the everyday of struggle of helping a dream come to fruition.

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